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Ice Face Roller

Ice Face Roller

Ice Face Roller

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 Description: :

Facial Ice Roller is one of the coolest therapy product made to help get a better and smoother skin appearance. This amazing Facial Ice Roller can target many skin needs in one use.

The facial ice roller is easy to maintain, sturdy and can be used many times. It doesn't contain harmful chemicals and doesn't break into micro-plastics which makes it ocean-friendly and less harmful.

Benefits: :
- For smoother skin: Visible results in a few days, skin will become fresh and smooth.
- Reduce wrinkles: Ice on face improves blood circulation and prevents premature aging and wrinkles.
- Fight open pores: Ice tightens skin as well as shrinks enlarged pores. If consistent enough using this product, you will notice that expanded and open pores will shrink within a few days.
- Relieve swollen eyes: Ice to the rescue for your swollen eyes! By performing slow circular movements and massaging gently in the swollen areas, this product will help with the inflammation.

  • ✅ EFFECTIVE AND VERSATILE: This Facial Ice Roller will help contour, sculpt, and lift your skin. This product can also help eliminate under eye puffiness, brighten complexion, shrink pores.
  • ✅ HEALTH AND SAFETY: This Facial Ice Roller have health benefits as this can be used for migraine relief and muscular tension or injury, this can also help stimulate blood circulation, and reduce inflammation. This product is made with silicone material which is FDA approved. Hynienic, gentle, and safe.
  • ✅ UNBREAKABLE AND REUSABLE: This compact, highly durable, and refillable facial ice rollers has multiple use and can last for a long time. Therefore, you can definitely save money on this product.
  • ✅ EASY TO USE: Fill the Ice Roller Container with water. Once frozen, glide the ice to your skin in circular motions. For optimal results, use daily. You may also create your own recipes by adding Lemon water to brighten skin, Green Tea for Inflammation, Cucumber water for De-puffing, Coconut Milk for Anti-aging benefits, and other natural oils.
  • ✅ PERFECT GIFT IDEA: This product is ideal for all skin types and therefore perfect for gifting. Share this product with your loved ones and enjoy the benefits of using facial ice roller!

 Easy to Use::
1. Open the mold and pour water 90% full (You can also add lemon, cucumber, petals and essential oil).
2. Cover tightly and make sure the water doesn't overflow.
3. Put it in the freezer for about 4 hours or overnight.
4. Once frozen, soak it in the water for 30 seconds to 1-min.
5. Apply Ice to your face in circular motion for better results.


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